Reading for Renewable Energy Debate

Beyond Zero Emissions

The Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan Launch 16 July 2010 – video and audio

Progressive climate policy: the case for nation building

Do renewable energy by the numbers, and it all adds up

ACF – Unleash the clean energy investment boom!

Clean Energy Solutions to Climate Change (Long list of links at FoE)

‘Zero Carbon Australia – Stationary Energy Plan’ – Critique

Zero Carbon Australia plan – a reality check

Renewable Limits: BraveNewClimate

Alan Moran, “Lights Out” Quadrant Online July 20, 2010

MasterResource – A free-market energy blog

Articles at Spiked-online by Austin Williams

Reading for Immigration Debate

Chuck Berger, Director of Strategic Ideas at the Australian Conservation Foundation

Sustainable Australia better than Big Australia 27 June 2010

What does population growth mean for environmental policy? Crikey 30 March 2010

Policy Statement No. 51 – Population and Demographic Change July 2009

Sinclair Davidson, Professor in the School of Economics, Finance and Marketing at RMIT and a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs

The return of the White Australia Policy Catallaxy Files, April 4 2010

Cam Walker, Campaigns Coordinator at Friends of the Earth

Immigration, Population and Environment Friends of the Earth Australia position paper May 14, 2004

FoEA Position on Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Arthur Dent (previously known as Albert Langer) Wikipedia entry

Jill Quirk, President Sustainable Population Australia

Other material relevant to the debate

Chris Berg, Research Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs and editor of IPA Review

Chasing the xenophobic vote The Drum Unleashed 29th June, 2010

Spurious notions of ‘national character’ aren’t helping Spectator Australia 11th May, 2010

Immigration and growth: 200 years of success ABC The Drum Unleashed 20th April 2010

Open the Borders Policy Magazine 22 March 2010

What do Haitians need most? To get away from Haiti The Sunday Age 24th January, 2010

Give or take a million, there’s nothing to fear Sydney Morning Herald 19th December, 2009

Being tough on refugees is pretty weak The Sunday Age 18th October, 2009

Greens’ population policy no better than the others, The Drum Unleashed 27th July, 2010

Other material

Frank Salter The Misguided Advocates of Open Borders Quadrant June 2010

John Quiggins’ Blog Population: Numbers and faces August 5 2010

Dick’s about on population puzzle Sydney Morning Herald August 5 2010


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  1. Pingback: This month’s topic: Immigration – should we apply the brakes? |

  2. “Open the Borders Policy Magazine 22 March 3010”

    Now that’s thinking long-term. [Typo fixed.]

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