General discussion thread

Please feel free to jump in here and make comments about The Monthly Argument.  These can be suggestions, criticisms, remarks about  issues which came up at the first two debates, requests for topics you’d like us to organise a debate about in the future, requests for us to open a new thread devoted to a particular topic.   All feedback is welcome. We’re still piloting the project and trying to make it better.

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2 Responses to General discussion thread

  1. John Haasz says:

    While the overall concept of the monthly argument is good, the renewables debate was spoiled by the poor behavior of some of the panelists.
    Even though these are arguments rather than formal debates I think we still need to establish some ground rules.

    Arguing Yes, slanging and belligerence No.

    Establish a set of rules before the next argument.

    Make statements and rejoinders which are brief and to the point.
    Forceful and loud argument is fine, in short bursts, one at a time.
    Avoid personal criticism and ridicule.
    Don’t interrupt.
    Leave space for others to speak.
    Obey the chair.

    Chair should brief speakers and panelists about the rules before the start.
    Chair should cut wafflers short, and silence interrupters and those who slang or are belligerent.
    Chair of the renewables debate was good but could have been even stronger (thankless task!)

  2. Thanks for the comment, John. Yes, there was a tendency for things to get out of control!

    We’ve been thinking about that since – learning as we go along. I think Annabelle (our chairperson) did pretty well under the circumstances.

    Hope you’ll come along to future debates. We’re taking a break in October, but will be back with another debate on November 11. The details of that debate will be up on the website soon.

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